Pascal Carré

Manager Study Experience (Belgium)

Pascal Carré is manager and co-founder of Study Experience Belgium. His ambition is to make more young people aware of the offer of higher education abroad.

In 2009, Pascal Carré co-founded the first Study Experience agency in France together with Marc McHugo, the present manager of Study Experience in France.

Study Experience was the logical step after founding and managing Languages & Travel for the last 25 years.  Where Languages & Travel aims at language courses and work related programmes, Study Experience focuses on foundation / gap years and higher education abroad for the international educational experience seeking students.  Study Experience is the first private agency in Belgium and France to be UCAS accredited.


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What are the benefits of a Foundation Year ?

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In Belgium, so far, students either started directly their bachelor after their secondary school or enrolled in the last year of high school in the US. In France, lots of students are doing a “prépa” after their baccalaureate. In the UK, some students are doing a foundation year, in particular in fields like Art & […]

Foundation Year