Sport / Athletic Scholarships in the USA

Waterkeyn room

This will definitely attract the more sport focused among you.  Ideally, you have proved your skills and ability in one or more sports.  Ideally, you are member of a club and ranked, but not a professional.  You play football, basket, tennis, golf, hockey… or you are a fan of track and field.

This session will be on what you can expect from our partner and what you will need to do to get a scholarship.  Our partner will tell you how to prepare yourself, which tests to take, which CV to create, what admin tasks you will have to do.

All in all, this session will tell you all you need to get a sport / athletic scholarship in an American University.

Can we suggest you to also attend the conference on How to achieve academic success in the US.  Check the programme here.

Sport Scholarships Studies in the US