What are the benefits of a Foundation Year ?

Waterkeyn room

In Belgium, so far, students either started directly their bachelor after their secondary school or enrolled in the last year of high school in the US.

In France, lots of students are doing a “prépa” after their baccalaureate.

In the UK, some students are doing a foundation year, in particular in fields like Art & Design during which they prepare themselves for their future studies and get help with their portfolio.

Foundation years, often called Gap Years, offer a fantastic opportunity to students for a smoother transition into higher education.  Belgium is one of the only European countries which has no intermediary step between secondary school and university, which results in many students failing their first year at higher ed.

In this presentation, we will reveal  what the main benefits of such a Foundation Year are.  Where to go ?  What to choose ?  What is an International Year Zero and First Year ?  What are the conditions to  be admitted ?  And so on, and so forth.

Join in to see whether and how a Foundation Year could be the year of your life, how it can usefully prepare you for higher education and enhance your chances to succeed.

Check the programme here for the hour of the conference.

All our current partners offering Foundation Years will exhibit at the International Studies Forum : INTO, ONCAMPUS, Oxford InternationalILAC, Chichester College.

Foundation Year