How to achieve academic success in the US ?

Waterkeyn room

The presentation will be about achieving ‘academic success in the US.’ and will introduce students to the educational system in the United States as well as applying to universities and financing their studies.  It will be hosted by the Education USA / The Commission for Education Exchange between the United States of America and Belgium and Luxembourg.

The US educational system is different from what you may have experienced until now.  For sure, different from the Belgian one.  This presentation will provide you with useful information on how to access to a US university.  What are the prerequisites, the tests to take beforehand, the grades to achieve in your last year (and before).  How long in advance do you have to apply ?  What are your chances ? What is the percentage of international students admitted at one of the Ivy League universities ?  What about Community Colleges ?  What can the the Commission’s Educational Advising Center in Brussels do for you ?

The presentation will be followed by a quick Q&A session.  You will be able to discuss your specific needs and objectives with the Commission’s staff throughout the day at their table.  Here is your chance to get better prepared and live your dream.  Another good reason to come to the International Studies Forum.

The presentation will be held in the afternoon.  Check the programme here.


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