Magritte Exhibition at the Atomium on the D-Day

Take advantage of your visit to our International Studies Forum on Saturday 18th November at the Atomium in Brussels to visit the”Atomium meets surrealism” exhibition opened for the 50th anniversary of Magritte’s death. From 21 September 2017 to 10 September 2018, ten Major works of the Belgian painter are exhibited in the Atomium.

Take advantage of your visit to the International Studies Forum to also visit Magritte"s exhibition

As well for adults as children, this fun exhibition offers giant re-productions, 3D sets and didactic panels. You can even take selfies inside the works. The fundamentals works like « Les amants », « Le fils de l’homme », « Le double secret », « L’empire des lumières », « La clairvoyance », etc. are reproduced. Texts and pictures form an introduction to surrealism and Magritte’s universe.

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