Study Experience – Brussels & Paris
Study Experience – Brussels & Paris

Study Experience based in Brussels and Paris guides you through the often complex enrolment procedures to enter a higher education institution abroad.  It provides a large choice of partner institutions, whether for foundation, bachelors and masters programmes as well as pre-sessional language courses.  Ethics is put first and the interest of the student first on its list of obligations.

As a UCAS accredited private organisation, Study Experience helps students with their online application into a British institution, optimises your chances to be accepted, gives tips and advice for the best reference letter and has your personal statement corrected up to 3 times.  We collect your certificates, transcripts and statements to be translated in English by a sworn partner translator.

For the other study destinations, Study Experience helps students in a similar way.  We send students to 10 different destinations (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Malta, Spain, Germany, New Zealand).

Study Experience is the organisor of both Elevate Paris and International Studies Forum in Brussels.

Come & join us for two conferences during the International Studies Forum in Brussels, check the programme here.