ONCAMPUS is a brand owned by the Cambridge Education Group.  ONCAMPUS, as its name points out, delivers foundation programmes on the campus of several excellent universities.  While some foundation programmes might be offered by other organisations outside universities, all ONCAMPUS programmes occur on universities’ campuses.

When you enrol for an ONCAMPUS programme, you know for sure you will be part of the university community and be able to use all its facilities just as any other student. On top, you will get extra support throughout the year and some classes will be taught in smaller groups of international students to help you to progress quicker.

You can either do a Foundation Programme to prepare yourself for the next step, a bachelor degree or a master.  If your level of English permits, you can join an International Year One which will count as the first year of a Bachelor degree and give you 60 ECTS credits.  You can either go on with your studies in the same university or another UK university or any other European university and start your year 2.

Changing from educational system might be frightening.  It does need some good adaptation skills.  Doing a Foundation programme facilitates the transition between two different systems.  It helps you settling down in your new educational environement.  Thanks to ONCAMPUS extra support and smaller classes, you maximise your chances to progress successfully to your chosen course / university/ country.

In the UK, you can either join a London (Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Birkbeck, London South Bank…) ONCAMPUS programme, or go to other partner university such the University of Central Lancashire, Coventry, University of Reading, University of Sunderland…).

In the rest of Europe : University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Lund University (Sweden).

In the US : SUNY (State University of New York), California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), University of North Texas, Wheelock College Boston, The University of Rhode Island and University of Rochester.

ONCAMPUS is one of our exhibitors at the International Studies Forum.  They will participate at a morning conference on the benefits of a Foundation Year, check the programme here.